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  • Milaina ( 47 / W / Toronto, ON )

    We can create the ideal (only) after we understand each other and discover what's ideal for both of us. then, enjoy a peaceful time walk hand in hand forever.

  • summerbreeze_ ( 53 / W / Seattle, WA )

    My first date will be at the coffee shop, grocery store, library, church, pic nic, holiday long gown balls.

  • vic47384 ( 58 / M / Albury Municipality, New South Wales )

    Meeting over a cup of coffee in a Neighborhood we’re both unfamiliar with to make it more of an adventure.

  • Carol1960 ( 57 / W / Exton, PA )

    meet for coffee or brunch. Take a walk.

  • Happy2046 ( 67 / W / Jackson, TN )

    A lunch date sounds like a good start. Hopeful for good weather so we could sit outside and learn about each other.

  • MissLadyCaty ( 27 / W / San Juan Capistrano, CA )

    My first date to me would be the time we first meet and I like that to be super casual. Not expectations or assumptions. It is true you truly get to know a person within the first 3 seconds of meeting...  read more >>

  • Maleesha ( 44 / W / Scottsdale, AZ )

    Coffee or something simple. It makes it less awkward for both.

  • lvmd1979 ( 39 / W / Fredericksburg, TX )

    I'm a simple woman that enjoy simple but interesting starts. A good talk, maybe a dinner or brunch, or a walk in a nice park. Just a place to have nice talk, feeling comfortable and cool. Is we are no...  read more >>

  • Kelseyok ( 65 / W / Oklahoma City, OK )

    Good conversation.

  • Kariemj17 ( 46 / W / Humble, TX )

    A glass of wine on a patio sounds like a great way to start. Something quiet. And calm.

  • saiber08 ( 58 / M / Calgary, AB )

    Hi I like a cafe where the woman can feel safe some where in her turf.

  • Roxystar69 ( 49 / W / Luton, England - Bedfordshire )

    Meet over Coffee, Evening Drink.

  • mk1129 ( 55 / W / Pacific Palisades, CA )

    Coffee or tea is fine with me .

  • Gingerforyou ( 53 / W / Bonita Springs, FL )

    I think a short meet and greet is best to see if there's any chemistry. I won't waste your time if there's not.

  • spiritwinds22 ( 67 / W / Vernon Hills, IL )

    Meet for coffee, then off for a walk and talk. Time to get to know each other.


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