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  • 2018BEAUTY ( 70 / W / Bradenton, FL )

    It would be romantic in a beautiful surrounding without any expectation. Let the chemistry works his magic.

  • Nisa_Erdemli ( 34 / W / Auckland, Auckland )

    Walk under harbour bridge ,than head to skytower. So we can enjoy dinner at Orbit with beautiful ocean scenery ...candle lights ;fine food &wine(whiskey for me!)....

  • jedediahwilson ( 36 / M / United Kingdom )

    Happy down to earth

  • kwikev ( 63 / M / Tacoma, WA )

    Have you ever floated in dreamy early morning skies, quietly drifting a few hundred feet over the landscape. It is quiet save the noise of the burner as the balloon floats along. Perhaps caution of he...  read more >>

  • Misterious1 ( 43 / W / Kansas City, MO )

    A welcoming dozen of largest, most bloomed roses I have ever seen followed by a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant. Have some drinks, eat a fancy meal and conversate. Get to know a little about...  read more >>

  • chynadol35 ( 50 / W / Land O Lakes, FL )

    I'm still an old fashioned girl with manners and respect for others. I'd prefer to meet at a café for coffee, perhaps a shared desert, and excellent conversation before you invest in a beautiful meal...  read more >>

  • TexasKiwi ( 49 / W / Frisco, TX )

    First date ideas would be an outdoor activity, watching a sporting event, meeting for a glass of wine and/or sitting on a patio enjoying the sun.

  • Ladybug325 ( 43 / W / Akron, OH )

    Don't you think it would be fun and productive, if, for our first date we volunteer and serve some kind of important cause? Like children or homelesnes or hunger etc.?

  • Maximillian_De ( 51 / M / Bournemouth, England - Dorset )

    1. Go for a picnic over looking the sea 2. Work out together 3. Play and Hide and seek in a corn field 4. Play ping pong 5. Go for a midnight bike ride together 6. Go Paddle boarding 7. Play Tennis to...  read more >>

  • Ha_Meshick ( 60 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    It will be both unusual and unexpected.

  • Antonia1995 ( 22 / W / Santiago, Aisen del General Carlos Ibanez del Camp )

    Yes, I want to have dates with millionaires, but I think there are things that can not be bought, for example: A good conversation or feeling understood. We can be in the ugliest place in the world bu...  read more >>

  • Jayroy ( 44 / M / Lake Oswego, OR )

    I would enjoy a date that is in our comfort zone so we can get to know each other. If the chemistry is right we can make any place special.

  • Gallaxyfighter12 ( 35 / M / Westwego, LA )

    1.University. Tour 2.Antoine’s Restaurant 3.Comic Book store- Apparel 4.Lafreniere Park Picnic 5. University Theater 6.Canal Place Shopping 7.Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

  • suncatcherjan ( 63 / W / Milpitas, CA )

    Spur of the moment, or thought out, special location or event and dedicated time for romance.

  • mysecretcrush ( 42 / W / Carriere, MS )

    Whether it's a romantic date or a quiet evening in as long as it makes a difference and it's not boring and there's thought put into it


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